Friday, January 6, 2012

"She lit up with you"

Sometimes .. a small quote .. an add line .. and in my case here .. a lovely sweet movie could bring back some romance back to this hazy phase we live with our emotions ( all circumstances included) .. it made me believe that everybody does have a match somewhere ( in place .. or in time) ..
The one doesn't necessarily fit completely to our lives .. but this "one" is the only person that you want to be a better person around ..
I know this might sound hopelessly romantic .. heart breaking .. or just a lovely story that makes memories a new heaven .. but in "ONE DAY" i felt all the thing that every human being long for - and I'm not going to say male of female, even men can feel Occasionally - that that ray of light did warm my frozen heart in a nice way , it did remind me that love is the power .. love waits till we are ready .. then bursts into our lives like a hurricane .. it changes us .. makes us the person we longed to be forever and never could ..
Being best friends with a guy like Dexter , is the easy way .. but that is what should always keep in mind .. easy & safe do keep us going . But the love that we can't endure , contain or control , is the one that makes us happy . This love , can feed our memories for many lifetimes ..
Love is gentle , is sweet. . It's also mean , painful. We still need it even though it consumes us and fills us .. it takes and gives .. it brings out the beauty and the beast .. how can a man or a woman who are truly in love break through all the bad things and see who you really are . . a normal human being full with flaws , and yet miraculous ... this is what makes it this perfect .. and a reason to live for .
Somewhere between being best friends .. and incredibly in love .. this story was born .. and to dare and say it out loud .. i want it to be mine ..
"She lit up with him ".. made him a good person .. and he made her .. very very very happy .. he was who she desired secretly and out loud .. and he saw her in every woman until she was his own ..
Thank you .. ONE DAY ..