Monday, January 2, 2012

"Say it like you eat it "

Eat - Pray - Love first chapter .. Italy ..
My review .. for Italy .. for EAT ..

"Dear Elizabeth,
Sorry for not calling you Mrs.Gilbert, because reading you every thought in this books kinda makes this more than an new acquaintance .
I just finished the first part .. "Say it like you eat it " and here's what i liked the most ( page order) :
1- You pray in an amazing way, i tried that , and it worked .. thanks .
2- The way you described your relationship with God , and how you believe in him sums all the ideas of various religious backgrounds.
3- Creating our own image of our beloved ones is a feminine way of filling the holes we see and sometimes don't like .
4- Junkie in Love .. ! 100% not happy .. 100% true !
5- This Ketut Guy is Awesome !
6-I'll pray for anything i want from now on,my sanity for example , because as you said " the health of the planet is affected by the health of every individual on it ".
7- Dantean Italian .. that was surprising .
8- "Welcome the human experience"
9- I definitely need a codega.
10- I'm going to Rome this year ..
I have marked a lot of sentences along this part .. and i can't exactly tell which was my best .. but to tell the truth , sailing with you in this voyage felt good, i found my self here and there .. as every person might say ( i think women 'll more likely to find them selves in the book" , i googled all the palaces ..
In the end of this chapter .. i can say that the scares of love need a divine interference tobe healed in a proper way to be ready for the next phase .. we need to feel better in order to be able to give a part of ourselves again .. in order to give .. we need to start giving ourselves in the first place ..
Thank you Lizzy ..

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