Monday, August 24, 2009

Sharing ..

I never knew that silence is something shareable .. i really never knew that ..
One day .. this amazing person .. tought me how to do it .. and it really makes me smile again ..
you know what's funny .. i think we never got along like we did in our silence moment .. it's like i wanted to drink tea .. and he brought me the cup .. like i needed someone to tell me it's ok .. and i just see it through his eyes .. through the silence .. it occurred like this amazing supportive hug .. it's just i needed to share my thinking moments .. without being forced to spell out every thing went through my brain at that exact moment ..
The best part of it .. that er never had to be lovers to do it .. all we needed is to be friends ..
so .. this is like a thank you note to all those who shared me my silence .. and knew .. that it's just me .. the way i'm .. not because i changed .. or i'm board ..
it's just a part of me .. sending smiles .. without giggles :)

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Anonymous said...

The silence moment is that time which our souls talk what they want freely just like an eagle that just try to close your eyes and fly faraway^_^